First Campus Certificate Ceremony

Congratulations to the 57 students felicitated on 21st January 2018 at the Kamalini campus by Ms. Kalyani Raj, Honorable Secretary of the All India Women's Conference, and by our principal, Maria Mendes. Each of the graduates of the first six-month batch trained in the new campus thanked the Kamalini teachers and staff. Mr. Juan Alarcon of Limmat Foundation, a social investor in the project, encouraged the students and their families to see this training as a new beginning of their development. A father of Dayawati, a student who just landed a job after learning garment making and design, praised the good work of Kamalini. The lunch was sponsored by the Pullman Aerocity Hotel, and we were pleased to have Mr. Tristan de Lomenie and his wife, Isabel, a Main Tendue volunteer, with us.

Student groups create business plan

Adding value to the technical skill being acquired, students are also trained in entrepreneurial skills to help them understand the aspects involved. Each group had to present a project by making a product, present strategies of marketing the same as well as do the costs involved. Here are some glimpses of a session themed "Let's do Business" held at Kamalini Campus on Sohna Road.

Pullman Chefs demonstrate Hyderabadi Biryani

Chefs from the Pullman Aerocity Hotel demonstrated cooking of Hyderabadi Biryani as part of their Solidarity Week outreach at the Kamalini new campus. The cooking and housekeeping program is being sponsored by Ayuntamiento Elche with the help of FundacionDASYC with emphasis on good nutrition, health and hygiene. Thanks to the Pullman-Novotel team and the support of Fundacion Bancaja Bankia.


Medical Camp in Dhunela

More than 110 people benefited from a medical screening camp run by the Kamalini team in Dhunela with the support of Fundacion Bancaja Bankia  and FundacionDASYC.  The screening was carried out by Swasth Gram and we thank volunteers from Georgetown University Alumni Club from Gurgaon who registered the patients.


First outstation session imparted by Kamalini

A five day workshop was organized by Kamalini for women working as domestic workers in the city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Kamalini was invited by The National Domestic Workers’ Movement (NDWM), an organization working with domestic workers, children in domestic work and migrant domestic workers for the past 27 years.

The participants had to be trained in housekeeping and some traditional Indian cuisines.Along with a Kamalini team member, a volunteer from Spain accompanied for the session, who consistently assisted in photo coverage of the entire workshop, bearing her own travel expenses.Training began at 10 am everyday and would end by 3-3.30. The morning sessions comprised of inputs on housekeeping (theory and practical) followed by a 15 minute break after which the cooking session would commence. The entire training was conducted in Hindi language. To make it more participatory, the trainees were divided into groups and each group was involved in activities related to what they learnt to enhance their understanding of the concept.On the last day of the training, 35 women who had attended the training received certificates of participation.

Deloitte conducts workshop as a part of their CSR

A workshop on ‘Importance of personal hygiene for women & adolescent girls’ was conducted by Deloitte on the occasion of their annual Impact Day and as a part of their CSR activity, at Kamalini Kishangarh centre. Six volunteers from Deloitte imparted approximate 5 hour session to 21 Kamalini participants. The workshop began with an introductory session followed by a quiz contest related to aspects of hygiene, for the participants.

After a short refreshment break, a ‘let’s draw’ group activity involved in the form of drawing, poem, slogans etc. and the winning teams were rewarded with token prizes. The HR manager also visited the centre to understand about Kamalini and its work. They also saw the products made by our students (bags and Barbie dresses) and were very impressed with the work.

Kamalini team conducts survey in rural villages around Sohna

In order to study the demographics and educational needs of the people, entire Kamalini team visited different villages adjoining the new campus site, around Sohna in Haryana. Interesting statistics were the implication out of the interaction with 47 people in Haryana villages and 40 women in the urban villages of Delhi. Out of the total, 20% happens to be self employed, 18% are employed outside and 30% are unemployed. Around 21% of the women have higher education, 37% have technical/vocational skills and 12% reported no schooling at all.

People narrated different reasons as obstacle to their aspirations like financial constraints, early marriage, gender discrimination, lack of opportunities, lack of awareness, lack of family support and other factors like safety concerns. There were women who had immense artistic skills but had no market knowledge as to how they could use their skills as a means to their improved livelihoods. Mixed nature of families, joint and nuclear, poor and well-to-do, all reported difficulty in managing household budget and minimal savings. Most of them had hopes with the upcoming Kamalini training centre in their vicinity that would help improve their lives and knowledge with education and skills training

Third International Cooking exam with a renowned jury

A Main Tendue volunteer, Isabelle Lenseigne has been imparting International Cooking lessons at Kamalini Shahpurjat centre and the day for examining the students had arrived. Six students attempted the exams that were divided into two groups and were given a test to prepare the dishes - tapenade, cookies and Bolognese sauce. The judges' panel consisted of Ms. Ceri McGregor from British High Commission, Ms. Pascale Pécheur-Jacquet from Main Tendue and Mrs. Frances Chowdhary from American Women's Association.

The judges had a pleasure to see all 6 young women performing confidently in the exam. They examined their team work as well as their individual knowledge. They evaluated in terms of their skills - organization of things, time management and team interaction. In the end, all the students cleared in their exam of preparing foods that are different from what they are accustomed to.

Outstanding Performance by Kamalini Students

To upgrade the skills of our students to meet the industrial needs, Kamalini entered into a partnership with NIIT foundation for certification of the Basic IT course at its Delhi centres in July last year. A total of 24 students enrolled in the first batch of this programme and took an exam for certification in October, 2013. 

This year’s Republic Day was chosen by Kamalini as an occasion to celebrate the success of its students who as the first batch of NIIT certification outshined in their performances. 40 certificates were distributed for different courses, out of which 24 NIIT accredited certificates were given with 2 students being awarded in the category of ‘Outstanding Performance’. Mr. Paramananda commented that this was the first time that NIIT has awarded students with ‘Outstanding Performance’ grade. The event was graced with interesting dance performances by small children and several Kamalini students and the programme concluded with the National Anthem.

A day with the Capital IQ team

As a part of its community impact month project, McGraw Hill Financial partnered with Protsahan to extend support for the training activities by providing a grant for equipments and materials for Kamalini Centres. The volunteers from Capital IQ (a venture by McGraw Hill Financial) also conducted a small event for our beneficiaries to formally donate the equipments purchased and hold an activity based session.

Fast food and sweet dish making competition along with embroidery competition in the parallel were the initial activities of the day. The volunteers relished the dishes prepared by students and judged them in their different categories as winners and runner ups. They also showed their keen interest in learning few of the prepared items. Looking at the finesse, design and neatness of the hand embroidery, the participants were judged in their category for the prizes. The winners of the different competitions were awarded certificates and a gift hampers. After a small interval, the volunteers performed a street play thematised on various discriminatory practices and forms of violence against women and the girl child. The aim was to bring out a strong message about gender equality and importance of educating a girl child. Confidence building activity for the students in marketing and entrepreneurship was the following activity where the students displayed and presented products made by them, as a manifestation of their creative learning at Kamalini sessions.The guests actively purchased few items from the students and placed orders for some of those that encouraged the students to promote their skills at a higher scale. The programme ended with a vote of thanks to the volunteers and a small souvenir to them on behalf of Kamalini.

Kamalini Gathering!

A get together was organized by team & trustees of Kamalini to share with friends and well wishers the progress and future plans of Kamalini. Presentations were given followed by serving of refreshments and dance performance by Kamalini students. The gathering concluded with interactions between the guests and the Kamalini team members (staff, trustees and volunteers).

Awareness session for Kamalini students

An informal awareness workshop was conducted by Mrs. Annie Moraes at Kamalini Kishangarh centre. Annie Moraes newly appointed as the new Member (Finance), Telecom Commission. She is the first IP&TFAS officer to become Member (Finance), Telecom Commission. The 1979 batch officer of IP&TFAS had been serving as Senior DDG (WPF) in the rank of Additional Secretary. She is also a consistent donor and supporter of the Kamalini project.

The main Objective of this workshop was to spread awareness about some of the rights amongst the girls and women of Kamalini. The session began with few queries about the problems faced by the participants and informing them about few government schemes that could be helpful in fetching benefits. The students were explained about the importance of ID proof, Ration card and Adhaar card and how to apply for these credentials. They were told about the facilities provided by the government like treatment facility provided to the physically disabled and the facility of regular pension, bus passes Facility provided to all the school-going and college-going students.

Wrap up workshop for Kamalini trainers

After 5 group coaching sessions that were held over a period of 5 months earlier, a wrap up workshop was held to build up on the learning's and the improvements among the members. The workshop was divided into few sessions and involved activities and tasks which had to be performed either individually or as a team.

An introductory session followed by few other development sessions and a group activity was conducted in the workshop. The participants were also made to prepare a product and make a presentation of the same. The workshop ended with the coach summarizing the learning and experiences and how the participants could further evolve as individual selves.

Annual Kamalini Function on the 66th Independence Day

Another auspicious year and another great occasion to celebrate Kamalini's success with not less than 281 Kamalini students receiving their certificates (78 Kamalini certificates and 203 government certificates). Kamalini once again had its annual celebration addressing the Independence Day '13 and conferring the course completion certificates to its students.

Mrs. Veena Kumari Bhutani, Administrative Officer (Training) - Directorate of Training and Technical Education, government of NCT India and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Managing Trustee, SEWA (Self Employed Women's Association), Delhi were the guests of honor, inaugurating the event. The students and staff actively participated in decorating the venue and perform at the event. A welcome song, cultural & folk dances, a classic parody, patriotic songs and fashion show, were active schedules of the function to showcase the creative talents of the participants.

Kamalini students appear for TECOS exams

The eighth batch of students enrolled under TECOS for cutting and tailoring and cooking courses appeared for their exams for the government certification, a total of 63 students (33 for Cooking and 30 for Cutting & Tailoring).

The exams were in conducted in two parts, theory and practical. For the cooking practical exam students were asked to prepare various Indian dishes and for cutting & tailoring, students were given to draft few dress patterns and few stitches.

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