Group coaching at Kamalini (session II)

The second group coaching session highlighted "My Positive Self" that began with each participant narrating one incident that made them glad, mad and sad that morning. This was done in order to make them understand the concept of emotions and feelings and how these govern the behavior and in turn affects the desired performance of the individual.

The participants were given various tasks to prepare a vision board conceptualized on appearance/ identity/ image and determination revealing the emotional, health, mental and spiritual aspects. The session concluded with summarizing the day's activities and the learning's from the same.

Group coaching at Kamalini (session I)

Kamalini began with its first Group Coaching Session, out of its series that have been planned with Ms. Neena Luetz, a certified Life Coach. It involved the teachers and staff members of Kamalini focusing mainly on the goals and aspirations of "My Kamalini" and self awareness of "My Positive Self" amongst the attendees. The session held at Kamalini Shahpurjat Centre was conducted in multiple rounds where the participants had to perform various artistic activities like creating posters, advertisement, slogans, short play etc. that eventually concluded with the theme of the session. 

The session helped to showcase the strong connectivity of each member with Kamalini and their commitment towards fulfilling its goals. The coach announced of an additional hour on Individual Coaching along with the Group activities in the next session.

Outreach programme imparted by Kamalini

Kamalini, with the help of Bancaja, is conducting outreach classes in the villages of Haryana that fall in the proximity of the new Kamalini campus. The recent one month programme was held at Hariyaheda village where the number of beneficiaries reached out to was about 68, enrolled for the courses in basic cutting and tailoring, embroidery, basic education and micro business. 

 After the completion of the training, the students learned how to cut and sew garments at basic level. They were also imparted with lessons on some of the key topics i.e. what is business and factors affecting the same, concept of banking, how to open a bank account and the different types of bank account.

Kamalini participates in Tour & Travel Event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

January 16-17, 2013: Thanks to the organisers of the South Asia Travel and Tourism Event, 2013 Kamalini had the opportunity to present its activity in preparing women to work in hospitality to participants in the trade fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 

Among the transactions and business at the event, exhibitors and visitors were amused and pleased to find a non-profit exhibitor, Kamalini, asking support of attendees and informing them of the kind of training we are imparting in our centres. Some attendees contributed towards the cause, while the others were inquired how they could collaborate with in-kind help, or arrange tourists to do some volunteer work, or to sponsor Kamalini beneficiaries in some way or the other. When people asked what we were doing in a business trade fair, we also explained how Kamalini is inviting tourists to visit our centre to see in a practical way how they can help people in need, as well as to have the chance to learn some Indian cuisine and see the historic ruins nearby in the Siri Fort area.

Award for the 'highest number of pledges'

The day had arrived when the marathon runners and the donors were given recognition for the 5th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2012 at Le Meridian Delhi. Among them was Veronique Dinand, applauded in the category of 'highest number of pledges raised by an individual' with a total of 50 pledges. She run the 6K Great Delhi Run for Kamalini 
"When I heard about the possibility of running to raise funds, I got really enthused.

I am a regular twice-weekly jogger, and I loved the idea of helping Kamalini more, by getting colleagues and friends to give a hand! After registering for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, it became easy to approach any known face in my hospital and explain about the event and about Kamalini's wonderful ways of empowering underprivileged girls and women.

I also took advantage of various Department meetings to give a 5 minute presentation of Kamalini and of how to sponsor my run, before asking each of the attendants individually for a donation. There were very few NOs, some vague and empty promises and lots of real YES! Thank you to all my pledgers, and be ready for next year, as I'll run again for Kamalini!"

Ground breaking new campus

Kamalini broke ground for the new vocational training facilities for women on the Gurgaon-Sohna Road. Kamalini promoters and staff celebrated this important step on the five-acre site owned by Educational & Development Initiatives (EDI). The civil contract for the project has been awarded by EDI to HBS Constructions Pvt. Ltd. LKS India guided the tender and contractor selection process. Mr. Eash Pradhan of Studio 4D has designed and will oversee the construction. Mr. Harsh Bhalla of HBS invited the Kamalini trustees to break ground, and then to cut a cake to celebrate. 

After the Ground-breaking Ceremony, the Kamalini staff stayed back for a picnic and spent time enjoying the quiet and serene environment talking to each other and exploring the area. It was then followed by games – dumb-charades and "antakshari" - a singing game - and a delicious lunch prepared by the teachers at the centre. Everybody left the plot around 3:30 in the afternoon. This outing brought out the playful side of everyone and was a smashing success!

Sheila Dikshit congratulates Kamalini Team

We had the opportunity to meet the Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit and tell her about our project. She was pleased to hear about Kamalini's work for the empowerment of women and encouraged us to keep on doing "a good job". 

Congrats to an outstanding job to all our runners! Thanks to all of our cheerleaders and special thanks to those who pledged support of the Kamalini team in the 2012 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon! Nicholas Pilgrim did the 21K in a pretty good time after a tough and constant training and Marian Duran completed the 6k in 30 minutes!

95 students give exams for Govt. Certificates

The students of Kamalini gave the examination for TECOS, a project sponsored under Delhi Govt on Monday, November 5, 2012. The examination centre allotted to Kamalini was Veer Savarkar Basic Training Centre, PUSA Campus. More than 90 students gave the exam for the 2nd Quarter of 2012-13, in courses - Assistant Cook and Basic Sewing Operator. Buses were organized to take the students to the examination venue and the students contributed towards the travel expense in a major way. Owing to the large number of students, 2 buses were arranged and 5 of the staff members including 3 teachers, a coordinator and a driver accompanied the students. Since the examination time was slotted at 9:30, the buses left the centers at 7:30 am. The examination as always was divided into theory and practical. All the students reached back home by 5:30 pm.

Showcasing the talents of the Kamalini students

Kamalini joined 22 organisations in Shahpur Jat in a Sunday afternoon community Open House on 4th November 2012 to introduce our work to a wider public. To welcome the visitors, students performed folk dances, displayed vegetable carving, offered to apply of mehendi (Henna) artwork on the hands of those interested, and sold home-made butter cookies.

Organized by volunteers of Ernst & Young life skills and career orientation workshops at Kamalini Centres

Organized by volunteers of Ernst & Young life skills and career orientation workshops at Kamalini Centres

Kamalini students from both Shahpur Jat and Kishangarh centres participated on life skills and career orientation workshops organized by EY Cares. The sessions made quite an impression on the women and girls as almost all of them expressed that not only were they going to try and put everything they had learned in to practice but they would also teach their family members and children the same.

  • Session 1 & 2: Raising awareness creatively
    The first two sessions were targeted towards young girls and started off with some ice breakers and a sharing where the students told their stories and experiences. Nukkad Natak (a street theatre group) helped teach the girls about the adverse effects of alcoholism and the problems it causes not just for the alcoholic but the entire family. The students were then taught the importance and advantages of budgeting and saving for the future.

    The sessions concluded with refreshments sponsored by E&Y for the participants and volunteers.
  • Session 3: Helping make wise choices
    The session began with a game of Antakshri to help the participants get to know one another and interact better. The focus of this session was helping the students making smart career choices and telling them how to get there. They were told about the procedure to join various professional services like the army, the police force, chartered accountancy, teaching, etc. Some students even expressed their desire to start their own businesses. The team guided them on how to go about it and to use small savings for it.
  • Sessions 4 & 5: How to make ends meet
    These sessions were primarily for married women. The EY team informed them on how budgeting could help them save better and meet all their needs and using banks could help ensure proper saving habits. The volunteers enacted a play based on the theme of saving and budgeting to help the women understand better. The other issues tackled were educating their daughters as well as their sons, taking care of their health by making healthy food choices.

Lunch for a Cause.

This fundraising event was promoted by Claudia Dantas, a Brazilian Chef, at her residence in South Delhi on September 12, 2012. While raising awareness of Kamalini’s mission of upgrading its existing facilities into a structured campus in Gurgaon, the idea was to invite proceeds from the individuals, corporations, companies and organizations. 

The Kamalini promoters displayed a presentation on the upcoming Gurgaon project. They focused on various aspects of Kamalini’s programmes for underprivileged women’s opportunity and ways to empower them for holistic development. The event then featured live entertainment with dance performances by two of the Kamalini students. Neha performed freestyle on a devotional song, whereas Sunita swayed on Rajasthani folk. Both Indians and foreigners were amongst the audience to have enjoyed such spectacular performances, which proved the success of Kamalini’s sincere and continuous efforts towards women empowerment initiatives.

Kamalini participates in the 5th Global Skill Summit organized by FICCI

In a significant initiative, FICCI in collaboration with Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India, NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), partner country Germany, led the global inauguration of 5th Global Skill Summit on September 6-7, 2012. The event highlighted upon the 'Learners First' subject with the objectives to explore and debate Government initiatives to create synergies and partnerships, debate on the Industry perspective for issues and challenges in filling the demand-supply gap, deliberate upon the various overseas collaborations that have created an impact in the skills space in India. The Summit was graced by eminent speakers including Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble Minister of Human Resources Development; S. Ramadorai, Adviser Prime Minister NSDC; and captains of industry and training institutions not only from India but from across the globe.

Ritu Dalmia training the trainers

Ritu Dalmia, chef and restaurateur, conducted Cooking Sessions for 10 Kamalini trainers on Saturday 14 July and Wednesday 25 July, 2012. The venue of the cooking sessions was the Café DIVA at the Italian Cultural Centre. The classes were held from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The sessions began with light snacks and soft drinks. During the sessions many authentic Italian recipes were shared. In the first session salads and appetizers and finger foods were taught and in the second session main courses were taught. Notable among the recipes were pizza and ravioli. Ritu shared the history of pizza and how its origin can be traced back to Nepal. She also informed them about the basic types of pizza- with cheese and without cheese and shared secrets about making a good pizza. Ravioli was taught that is an Italian dish made from eggs and flour. The Kamalini members were not just shown the recipes but they also participated in making the same. After the session the trainees were all asked to practice the recipes at home or at the Centre once. At the end of the sessions, the dishes were tasted and indeed they tasted very good!

Au revoir, Anne Frederique!

The Kamalini team bade “farewell and see you again soon!” in July to Anne Frederique Dayaut who has been an invaluable volunteer and tireless promoter of Kamalini for the last two years. She is now based in France where she will be our Public Relations Delegate and keep gaining supporters for Kamalini to help more women gain employment skills. Special thanks as well to Claudia Dantas for hosting the farewell, in which we also welcomed Preeti Sachdeva as our Main Tendue liaison for the International Cuisine course at Kamalini for domestic workers.

Cooking with Google

Kamalini students enjoyed a unique cooking class with two Google employees, Meghna and Parvati. In the first session, the students were taught a novel method of making fruit pulp. Parvati helped the girls try the technique with watermelons. The second session was taught by Meghna. She showed the students how to make a cake without the use of any electrical appliances. The highlight of the class however, was when the girls learnt that the cake did not have to be baked but could be cooked in a pressure cooker. Google provided the material for the class and their volunteers the recipes. They interacted with the girls and shared their tips and tricks.

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