Kamalini Fest with the Alumni

The last weekend of April 2014 witnessed an exciting event at Kamalini Shahpur Jat centre with the former and present students participating in various competitions and bagging winner prizes. Embroidery, singing and dancing were the competition categories in which each participant gave their best performances, showcasing their skills and talent to the audience. The event was witnessed by other Kamalini students, its staff members, some local employers, boutique owners and the councilor of Shahpur Jat, Meenu Panwar, as its guest of honor. Not only the winners were distributed with the prizes, all the participants were gifted Kamalini apparel set as a token of recognition. The vigor of the event instilled a sense of belongingness within the Kamalini students and the alumni.

Kamalini steps ahead to support the cause of Domestic Workers

Over five crore domestic workers, face vulnerable and unique work conditions, with no defined rights and privilege that any profession should get. Organizations working for domestic workers, trade unions and non-government organizations, have come together on a common platform to take up the campaign for the enactment of a comprehensive central legislation for domestic workers, based on the Constitution of India and the ILO Conventions for domestic workers No.189.
The protest was held near Jantar Mantar where Kamalini representatives were present to support the cause. Folks of domestic workers gathered from every corner of the country, to voice their needs of defined rights and secured work conditions.

Life Skill Session at Ghamdoj Village by EY

As a part of the CSR activity, Ernst and Young conducted a life skills session for young girls and women at Ghamdoj Village in Haryana. There were 10 volunteers from EY and 14 students who were a part of the life skills sessions. The session began with a street play highlighting the prevalent social evils such as alcoholism and problems arising out of it, preference of a male child and discrimination against the female child.After the play, the participants were asked about their learning's and to identify a sense of right and wrong from the session.

They were also given a brief about the importance of budgeting in smooth functioning of a household. They were also given an activity to narrate their aspirations either towards their career or smooth functioning of their household.

Kamalini Outreach Programme at Ghamdoj Village

A one month outreach programme was conducted from late April to end of May 2013, at Ghamdoj village located in the proximity of new Kamalini campus. By the end of the programme, the students had given a presentation of what they learned and gained skills. They were taught Cutting and Tailoring, mainly to prepare their own clothes.

There were 22 students in total who enrolled for the programme out of which 8 were married. The teacher Ms. Rajni was a native of the village and has been teaching C&T for over 12 years. The learners learned how to stitch clothes such as blouse, salwar kameez and small baby frocks as well. They were also taught 5 different types of neck designs.

Another Kamalini batch appear for Government Certificate Exams

The ninth batch of students enrolled under TECOS for cutting and tailoring and cooking courses took their exams for government certification. A total of 40 students attempted the TECOS exam for the out of which 11 students for cooking course and 29 for cutting and tailoring course. All the students were attempting exams for the first level of their course: Basic Sewing Operator and Assistant cook. The exams were in conducted parts of theory and practical assessment. 
For the cooking practical exam students were asked to prepare different Indian cuisines and desserts. 
For the cutting & tailoring practical exam, students were asked to draft and cut dress patterns as well as showcase different types of stitches. 
All material and ingredients for both cutting and tailoring and cooking practical was provided by Kamalini.

Fundraising Dinner in Spain for Kamalini

Maria Luz and Esperanza, two Kamalini fans, organized in Madrid a fund-raising dinner for Kamalini among their friends. All the participants shared the enthusiasm for collaborating with the carrying out of this amazing project that will culminate in the completion of the new campus.

"We are convinced that Kamalini is not just a project that contributes to the improvement of social conditions of women in India, but also is a life project, a project for change that will mark the beginning of a new society, where the core values of ​​human beings will be respected. To see Kamalini is to understand that everything is possible, that what began as an idea is now a reality with a unlimited future."

Painting Workshop at Kamalini

Painting classes were conducted by 'Nayi Udaan' at Kamalini centres under the guidance of the art teacher Kajal Panwar, a renowned artist and the owner of Creative Solutions, who taught 'warli art' to our students. It was a two-hour session based on the theme of 'Women Empowerment'.

There were seven volunteers from Nayi Udaan and twenty students from Kamalini Kishangarh centre who participated in the session held on 26th April, 2013. The session at Kamalini Shahpur Jat centre was conducted on 17th May, 2013 with 24 students attending the workshop guided by 3 volunteers and the art teacher.

Check out Nayi Udaan here

TECOS exams for 7th batch

Kamalini students enrolled in the 7th batch under TECOS for Cutting and Tailoring and Cooking courses appeared for their exam after completing their second level of the respective courses: Indian Cuisine (Cooking) and Tailor's Ladies (Cutting and Tailoring). A total of 65 students appeared for the TECOS exam for the government certification.

The exams were conducted in two parts, theory and practical. Students in the cooking course were asked to prepare few Indian cuisines whereas; the Cutting and Tailoring course students were asked to draft and cut out few dress patterns and show sample of various stitches.

Art Exhibit in New York for Kamalini

American Initiatives for Social Development and Artist Maria Jose Puerto are conducting a spring fundraiser art exhibition for Kamalini scheduled for May 8th - 12th, 2013 in New York City.Inspired by nature and sentiment, Ms Puerto's works include abstract profiles that make the landscape, light and colors a new lyrical image. The proceeds from the exhibition support the construction of the new Kamalini campus on Sohna Road.

Ms. Puerto said "with great excitement we collaborate with the Kamalini project, which is turning out to be a clear example of vision and support for the future of women in India. It has been my pleasure to work for the May exhibit in New York and for such a humane and generous cause."

The work of Maria Jose Puerto begins in the objectivity of the horizon, the countryside, earthy colors, the effects of shade or afternoon light from the waters of a lake, the sea, the sky, the mountains and hillsides glowing, or wild mystery lens. Her works resort to a friendly, less aggressive, tamer and sweeter format to trap our eyes and emotions.

We hope all our friends in the New York area can visit the fundraising exhibition, and take this opportunity to purchase beautiful art and support our cause! For more about Maria Jose Puerto and her work please see here

Women's Day Celebration

A day set aside to celebrate women, and what could be grander than Kamalini that aims to Empower Women! On this auspicious day, H.E. Mr. Francois Richier, Ambassador of France to India, Ms. Caroline Cayeux, Senator of Oise, Mayor of Beauvais, Member of the Senate Social Affairs Commission and Secretary of the Senate Delegation for Women Rights and Equality Between Men and Women, and Mr. Rodolphe Monnet, the Counselor for Social Affairs, Health & Labor Issues celebrated International Women's Day with Kamalini members and beneficiaries at the ShahpurJat centre.

The guests of honor visited the training rooms of the Kamalini centre; saw the creative works of the students, tasted the snacks prepared by them and later treated their eyes with the exotic cultural dance performance of the students. The beneficiaries were given a chance to interact with the French delegates and narrated their journey through Kamalini. The French Officials spoke few words of motivation for the students and also promised for a cooking session for them at the French Embassy.

All Kamalini members were enthused from the success of the event.

Group Coaching at Kamalini (Session IV)

The fourth session was designed and prepared after taking feedback and suggestions from the participants to discover or explore themselves as individuals and as team members. The session dealt with aspects of personality and how it affects the team.

The coach explained the characteristics of personality, the pros and cons of every positive trait and the factors affecting the personality of an individual. The participants were given different tasks of narrating and enacting to illustrate the traits in an individual. The session concluded by few points, advice and suggestions that would help improve their individual personality and behavior towards their work.

Group Coaching at Kamalini (Session V)

The final group coaching session was commenced after assessing the learning of the participants from the earlier sessions. The coach observed and analyzed drastic improvements in the perception, attitude and overall personality of the participants and then framed the fifth session based on the theme of conflict resolution and management.

An activity was undertaken wherein the participants were divided into 2 teams and each team had to identify some conflicts or challenges they face when they come to work at Kamalini on the basis of Personal, Work related and Future. The participants were then asked to find solutions to these challenges on their own so that they would be more determined and not be scared about facing challenges.

5 key points were focused upon to overcome challenges: 

Finding the right balance
Having self esteem and confidence
Understanding the laws/rules to exercise one's rights
Networking and communicating sharing

The participants also had to enact the two-faced personality, i.e. a conflict in one's mind and were taught about balancing the facets of critical and creative thinking.

Running for a cause

Motivated and determined not by the spirit to compete but to help improve lives of many underprivileged women, supporters of Kamalini participated in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon held in November, 2014, inviting donors to sponsor their run. An active Kamalini volunteer, Marian Duran completed the 21K run in 2 hours while Wayne Andrady was the youngest of individual runners who was applauded for dedicating his time towards a noble cause despite his studies. Wayne gathered classmates from Mount St Mary's School to form a Youth Challenger team and garnered support from their past students' association. Some Kamalini students and volunteers of Housekeeping, Computers and Cooking also fielded a Youth Challenger team for the 6K run. Dr. Vero Dinand exceeded her target as Dream Maker running the 21K in her third appearance on behalf of Kamalini. Another individual runner, Claire Komives grabbed a spot among the highest fundraisers in the I-Pledger category. Though it was a test of physical strength for the runners, they knew it would result in positive change for countless people less fortunate than they are. Thank you, Kamalini Dream Team, and thank you, donors!

Group Coaching at Kamalini (session III)

The third session of the group coaching was based on the theme "Team Building and Motivation".

The participants were asked to share their experiences and changes they have felt in themselves post the two coaching sessions. They were later divided into groups and were asked to prepare a list of teams they had been part of in their lives and also cite an incident where they experienced something good or bad being a part of that team. The session also dealt with challenges in a team and some of the issues put forward by the participants included clash of interests, lack of communication, ego issues and alike. They were given a puzzle game to complete which showcased the way a team works and functions.

The session concluded with summarizing some of the key issues that needed attention amongst the Kamalini Team - more facilities / resources, more defined roles and responsibilities, delegation of tasks and duties.

Kamalini offers vital tips for Women's safety and security

Within our overall objective of empowering women towards a thriving future, Kamalini has stepped forward to help empower women against crime! 

With collaboration of G4S India, Kamalini offered two-hour sessions on personal safety and security of women, to its students at both the Shahpurjat and Kishangarh centres on 21st and 22nd February, 2013 respectively. About 80 students attended the sessions conducted in Hindi by the experts of G4S. The students were grateful to learn techniques to minimize risks and avoid danger. Some tips on physical self-defense were given, but the focus was on personal awareness of potential threats: 

Identifying situations where women are in most danger
Self-defense strategies
The risk triangle and how to minimize risk
Profile of attackers
How to avoid being attacked
Identifying emotions of others and use emotional language to de-escalate situations
Safety tips for everyday activities

The students and staff of Kamalini are sincerely grateful to G4S India for making these sessions possible.

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